Ouai dry shampoo foam

I aspire to be someone who has a blow dry once a week and makes it last. Imagine how blissful life would be if you never had to wash and style your hair again. I was recently in Amsterdam and had the best blow dry ever in a funny little salon which was in the hotel. It was an old-fashioned kind of place with hood hair dryers. The woman was very Dutch in that she listened and then sharply moved my head around, told me off if looked down, and set my hair in rollers after the blow dry. I admit I was a bit scared of what I would look like. Not least because I had to walk straight back into a meeting room afterwards, no time for it to calm down. Basically I looked like something from the 60s and all the better for it. Swingy, shiny, bouncy hair which did settle down but it was a miracle. I waited four days without washing it.

Now, this is a long preamble to say if I'd had this product in my arsenal, I could have made it last even longer. This is a dry shampoo foam. I have yet to find a dry shampoo spray that works for me, it's probably my fault but they all just seem cakey. This is a revelation. work it into roots and you're done.

I like it very much and there is no worry about white, dusty hair. It's £10 from here for 50g which is a generous size can. The 150g must be enormous. It's my first recommended product of 2018! Happy new year to you all.


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