Mio: my new favourite brand

Congratulations, we made it through the first week of January.  25 days to go before February! I have made three beauty resolutions for 2018: to start dry body brushing, to wear an SPF on my face every day, and to stop tweezing nefarious hairs and get them zapped with electrolysis.

Dry body brushing. Every beauty writer raves about it. It's boring to do but I decided to bite the bullet and help my lymphatic system out a bit. I read up about it and this brush from Mio got good reviews. I have used it exactly once so far (it only arrived a few days ago!) So far, so good, yes I could feel my blood pumping a bit and I can see it'll be good for me.

Obviously I did not just order a body brush. I mean, that would be dull and they had a sale on.

This Liquid Yoga bubble soak is astonishingly good. It's perfectly named. If, like me, yoga is not your thing then assuage your guilt and lie in a bath with this in it. No bubbles but it's deeply relaxing and smells like heaven.

Anything that jump starts my mornings is worth investing in at this time of year. This quick start shower gel is very zingy and delicious.

I have mentioned this muscle gel before. I got a little sample a while ago and immediately ordered a full size and I have now bought some more. Post work out - after the above mentioned shower gel, rub this in and your legs feel alive. I am seriously addicted to it. Sometimes it can feel almost too much tingling but it stays just the right side of painful. You will become addicted to this.

I am loving it all. I look forward to reporting back on my new regime soon and wowing you all with my glowiness. More on my other two resolutions in future posts.


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