Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder

It annoys me just how good this range is. Damn. And it's expensive. Sorry.

I was in Selfridges on Friday morning, the day this range launched. My friend and I were at the counter at 10am. It's important that you understand this was not planned. I am not some sort of VB uber fan I can assure you. However, there is something very nice about knowing you are the first people at the testers.

It's all lovely, it really is. Victoria knows her make-up which can't be a great surprise to anyone.

I bought the finishing powder which is now already sold out online. Look, it's £62 which is a lot of money I know. But I had read about it and then I tested it and I simply had to have it. This claims to soften, smooth, even and set make-up. And it does, it's really good. I have never regretted spending money on the Modern Mercury highlighter (which is back, fill your boots) and I wear it every day and there is tonnes left.

I also liked the look of this eyeshadow duo.

That blue is to die for and the textures are fabulous.

And the creme blusher is wonderful.

However, I draw the line at spending £46 on a blusher. Blushers are easy to find, I should know, I have about ten of them and I love them all. Perfect powders are much harder, I have tried several and not been 100% happy so for me, it's worth spending the cash.

The packaging is a little bit different, being sleek and lovely but also distinctive. The powder comes in a gold compact and it's delightfully satisfying.

If you want to treat yourself, this is the place to go but hurry, it's selling out fast.


Jenni said…
oooohhhh.... powder xxx

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