Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil

I am returning to Clarins lately. I am not sure why I strayed to be honest because Clarins is consistently good with skincare. This cleansing gel is a dream, it removes all make-up easily without a hint of dryness and rinses off easily. Of course, it smells great too. My only gripe is the packaging, it always splodges out a little more than I need. This is irritating. Nonetheless, this is a great cleanser and I recommend it.


Jenni said…
oooohhh. I'm still thoroughly in love with oil cleansing as part of a double cleanse routine. It has transformed my skin xxx
Sally said…
I bought some of this today. I like it so far!
Cover Girl said…
Sally, pleased you like it. I am still really liking it.

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