New Spring make-up goodies

Today the sun was out and it was warm (ish). I went out without a coat. YES! Spring is in the air. I am still on my spending-ban but let me show you some of the lovely products I would totally consider if I could.

First up, YSL joy:

Lancome Blush and Highlighter cushion:

 Bobbi Brown Art Stick:

I don't know if this is new to Chanel but this nail colour is called Espadrilles.
It's enough to make you want to book a holiday and pack nothing but bikinis and nail polish!


Jenni said…
Love love LOVING the espadrilles xxx
Jenni said…
have you seen the double ended BB eyeshadow sticks? I have to get to a shop this week to investigate them xxx
Cover Girl said…
I walked past a BB counter today. I can't stop because then I buy. However, I've just looked at them online. Mmmmmmm! xx

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