Let's talk about feet

As I explained yesterday, I visited Sephora on my New York trip. Not doing so is unthinkable. However, I am on a skincare ban. I had to be creative to not break it.

I suffer greatly from very dry feet. I have pedicures throughout winter because I can't bear for my feet to get flaky. Also, why not have pedicures in winter? It's grim enough without having pretty feet to look at in the bath.

As I browsed Sephora, I stumbled across these sock masks. Ooooh. $6 each ($5 on the site - shows how expensive NYC is!) and you pop them on your feet and relax for 20 mins. These are amazing, my feet were baby smooth afterwards. I immediately rushed back and bought five more of them. I used the almond one but I bought the lavender one as well.

I also bought this foot file. I have a big foot file but it's a pain to take when I travel. This is dinky sized, a bargain at $12 and it buffs beautifully. I used this before applying my sock masks.
I highly recommend the sock masks. I lay in my hotel room with these babies on my feet and it was deeply relaxing. You could go wild and put a sheet mask on at the same time and hope nobody walks in!


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