Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil

I am holding fast to my new year skincare resolution. That is, I am not buying any until I've finished two products. Last night I finished my Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial oil which is the elixir of youth.  It was with sadness I put the empty in the bin. I have two other face oils in my arsenal and so we move on to this Caudalie one.

I bought it a while ago and didn't reach for it much because the smell is an acquired taste. Normally I am a big fan of all Caudalie products and the scent but this is not a smell I can get on board with and when it's all over your face, you become very aware of it. No matter. This is why I made this resolution, to plough through the backlog.

I just had a long bath and have put this on. It has the same texture of my beloved Clarins oil and I am determined to use it. It works and it cost me £29. It must be used! I will use this up and then I have half a bottle of the Clarins oil and then I can buy a new oil. And I will buy Clarins which is my desert island night oil. OK, now I sound like a nutter. Who has a desert island night oil?! I do!

I love the Sarah Chapman one but it's much more expensive. Clarins is 30ml for £33 and Sarah Chapman is 15ml for £46! I have had two bottles of the Sarah Chapman and both were presents. I can't justify that cost.

I am also near the end of my L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Cream and that means two empties! Hooray. I will buy more of this and the good news is it costs £9.99. I absolutely love it and have raced through my jar so I have no guilt about buying more of it. It's rare to find a face cream I like so much for under a tenner. I am over the moon.


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