A year in beauty

It's nearly the end of 2015 and I enter the Christmas period with no kitchen but hey, I do have two (yes, I got another one yesterday - Hot Rose) new Bobbi Brown lipsticks so life is good.

This year for me has been about hot cloth cleansing. I always used foaming facial cleansers but I have reached the age where I have to admit it's too harsh on my skin.  My favourite cleanser is Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser. It's lovely and cooling and works a treat. M&S stock this so you can often get 20% off it.

Throw away the muslin cloths and bulk buy some proper flannels. Essential. And wash them after each use. No, it's not ok to use them twice in a row.

I also embraced foundation. I will always love a tinted moisturiser but nothing looks as polished as foundation. I love my Chanel one and the purchase of a foundation brush has also been life-changing. I use it to buff my skin after application and it's fab. I use this Real Techniques one.

I am definitely spending more on skincare rather than make-up these days. Oils, cleansers, face masks, treatments. The list is endless. I still adore make-up and will never stop looking at it and playing with it but nothing gets my heart racing more than a great face mask! Or, indeed, an eye mask. Yet another gem from Skyn.

Pack these in your case and use on a weekend away. Bliss.

I've posted less this year, it's been very busy with work and house renovations. But I shall continue to post in 2016 because there is always that wonder product just around the corner. 

Thank you for reading and happy 2016!


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