Saturday Chanel

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I've been trying to stay away from cosmetic counters to channel funds into the kitchen project. However, this morning I woke up and thought 'sod that' and went to my nearest Chanel counter. I was in the market for a new foundation for Autumn. Aren't we all? Summer is great for tinted moisturisers, fake tan and a general carefree look. There is no doubt that it's getting chilly though and to make myself feel better about it all, I decided I needed to buy some treats.

I decided on this foundation. A very helpful French girl helped me. She was impossibly chic and I felt extremely unkempt as she expertly applied this medium coverage foundation. It's all dewy and glowy and very lightweight. Once she applied it, I needed a blusher so she went and chose one and naturally I bought that too. It's from the new collection and so delightful. It comes in this compact and then in a velvet case. I don't know how anyone resists Chanel, I mean look at it.

And I bought the serum of joy because I've been ruined for life. She gave me some samples (as well she might) and put it all in a Chanel bag and I sailed out feeling so much better about life.

Chanel makes everything better.


Jenni said…
And which serum of joy did you go for? Classic or microbeads? xxx
Cover Girl said…
Classic. I love it! x

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