M&S Tuscan Escape

I had heard good things about the M&S beauty range so I popped in a few weeks ago. I remember M&S beauty consisting of that awful Lily of the Valley range they did and Royal Jelly bubble bath. They have certainly moved on and have some amazing products and at such a bargain price. I bought this bubble bath with a lemon verbena scent, it's delightful and only £4.

I also bought the shower gel which is even better and only £3. I don't really like shower gels in tubes as I think they should come with a pump for ease of use but I am not going to argue when it's only £3.

M&S also now stock Bliss although sadly not in the branch I was in. They have interesting looking make-up, great scented candles and all sorts of lovely things at a very reasonable price. I noticed Lily of the Valley range was still available so grandmas everywhere can rest easy.


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