When I was in New York I discovered this brand which is, of course, French. It's actually cheaper over here which is novel. It's made from grapes and vine and suchlike. Oh la la, only the French can put wine in skincare.

I have tried two products that I love.

The make-up cleansing water is fabulous, it's very gentle and gets rid of eye make-up perfectly. It's taken me ages to find an eye make-up remover that isn't greasy or stings. This works. I am on my third bottle.

The hand cream smells like heaven and sinks in perfectly. No greasiness.

Bolstered by such success, I've just ordered the foot cream, more handcream, a buffing cream and the perfume. I found some money kicking around my Paypal account. All that came to £56. It's new thrifty Cover Girl! I shall report back.


Jenni said…
I've loved Caudlie for some time; discovered them in Space NK and loved the concept as well as the moisturisers and shower gels. However, while away last week I discovered their perfumes. And bought two! Can't remember their names, but basically it's the red wine one and the white wine one! Lovely scents that last (for an EDT) and made using the same ingredient as wine. What's not to love?! xxx
Cover Girl said…
I really like my perfume - it's very light and summery. I love all their products that I have tried - HUZZAH!

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