Beauty round-up

I'm back and just sneaking in a June post before we officially enter Cover Girl's Birthday Month. I've been kind of busy jet-setting to Monte Carlo and Madrid (for work), moving back to London and settling into my new house. My new favourite pastime is picking Farrow & Ball paint colours and considering what plants I should put in my garden.

Yes, I am officially middle-aged but no less fanatical about beauty. The busier you are, the more you need those products that make you look fabulous in minutes. These are my June hero products.

Origins Smarty Plants. This product is miraculous, I reviewed it back in March. No matter how you look, this will make you look better. I simply adore it.

I also love my Nars Multiple matte blusher. The difference the matte makes is extraordinary. This makes you look healthy and glowing and is the easiest blusher in the world to put on.

I bought this Smashbox eyeliner in New York and I am absolutely heartbroken to tell you they have discontinued this line of eyeliners completely. I have no idea why.

If you find this on eBay in Black Gold, buy it. It's the most flattering colour I've ever worn, it's easy to apply and it lasts all day long. I wear it most days.

This Sephora own brand jumbo eyeliner is also good. It's not as good as Smashbox but it's cheaper and it still pleases me. I have Dark Taupe Shimmer and it's a good day colour.

Sephora now ships to the UK so if you are buying one of the jumbo crayons, bung this in your basket too. It sharpens it beautifully and lots of people complain that normal pencil sharpeners don't work.
The 5 in 1 Living Proof cream still amazes me. Put this in your basket with your Sephora order too.

Finally, a beauty salon just opened up opposite our new house. It's like they knew I was arriving in the 'hood! I now Shellac pretty much all the time, the no chipping together with stronger nails works for me. If you have had a bad experience with removal (lord knows I have) then I must say it's worth looking around and finding someone you trust. My nails have never looked better!


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