Nars Matte Multiple

We all have a trusty Nars Multiple kicking about in our make-up collection. I have two and I like them both but when I read they had new matte ones coming out, my heart skipped a beat. It's no secret that I am obsessed with blusher but as I get older, I find the sparkle, shimmery, glistening look to be a bit, well, teenage for me.

I want sophisticated. I want to look like someone who could wear a cream suit all day and not get a smudge on me. Basically I want to look expensive and removing the glitter helps with that. I resisted this for days. DAYS I tell you. And it was hard with two Sephoras within spitting distance of my office. However, as I was gadding about town yesterday morning, I found myself magnetically drawn to it and decided that I must buy it. No more dallying.

I went for Anguilla because Sali Hughes said it was a good shade and I trust Sali. It's a delightful, suit anyone, pink. The texture is heavenly, you barely need to blend it. I had forgotten how much I love the Multiple for that. I'd never put it on my lips as it's way too drying. But as a blusher, I feel like I've come home.


Jenni said…
YeeHaaa for Nars! I am drawn to it myself... I completely agree about the glittery effect I get from the Orgasm stick; it's just feeling a bit too "25 year old" for me. Shall drift past Nars next time I'm in town and take a peak at this beauty xxx
Cover Girl said…
Jenni - I love it. It's the best blusher I've bought for ages!

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