Yves Saint Laurent nail varnish

Over on the Sali Hughes forum, Sali herself had a make-up surgery where you could ask any questions. My question was which nail varnish would you pick for your toes and and your fingernails if you could only have one. I let her choose one for each because I am known for my kindness.

I am proud to tell you that she 'bloody loved' my question and answered in a YSL vein. I've never looked at YSL nail varnish before being very much an Essie girl. She picked this one for her toes. And so obviously I had to have it. I also had a pedicure this weekend and I am here to report that Sali is correct. This colour rocks. I keep looking at my toes with the greatest of pleasure. She also recommended other lovely colours and so I can see a new obsession blossoming. Unfortunately it's a bit of an expensive one as they are £18 each. The trials I have to go through to have well-dressed nails...


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