Top Shop

I detoured on my way home yesterday via Top Shop. I am not really a Top Shop kind of girl being at least 20 years older than their key demographic but I've always liked their jewellery and having a look at the make-up.

Being as how I am obsessed with blusher, I found myself buying a cream blusher in the delightfully named Afternoon Tea.

As you can see, it's pink. Very pink. However, it's flattering, has a nice texture and is the princely sum of £6. It comes in a dinky little pot with spots on it and has a mirror. For £6, I am impressed.

I also bought this eye shadow brush.

Again, it's very pink. I seem to like pink this week. This was £4 and the quality is really good. So I spent £10 in Top Shop on two products that could easily have set me back £50 in SpaceNK. I call that a bargain and in celebration of the money I've effectively saved, I am going to Bliss Spa tomorrow to have a pedicure. Beauty maths, I love it.


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