Loving it at the moment

It's been a while since I've done a beauty round-up. Today is a boiling hot day and I've just emerged from a cool bath feeling revitalised and ready to share my current loves.

First up, Maybelline eye tattoos. Since blogging about these, I've been back to buy the gold and bronze shades. Not so keen on the gold but the bronze is a winner. I love how easy these are and that they last all day. They are cheap as chips, I am tempted to buy every colour just to play!

John Frieda Full Repair shampoo and conditioner. With my new, choppier hair cut I am really liking this, it's weightless and gives hair more body. I took it on holiday and it was perfect for when you need to wash your hair every day.

My beauty tip of the month is acetone-free nail polish remover. I know I know, this is so obvious and I am late to it but this makes a massive difference. Before my nails flaked, now they are much stronger. I actually can't believe it took me this long to try this. You can get any brand in Boots - I am sure they are all similar.

Bliss pedicures. I went back. The one I had in July lasted a month and that includes a week on a beach. Deeply impressed. I had the Hot Almond and Milk one on my second trip and can report that it's divine. It's an hour of pampering that I heartily recommend.

Givenchy Mister Radiant.  My sister bought me this for my birthday - it has little beads in it that explode to give you a healthy glow. It's very nice although a little scary at first, you really have to blend. It's very good mixed with moisturiser too.

MAC Prep and Prime. This primer is very good, it's slightly sparkly and is perfect in this hot weather to keep your make-up in place.

Finally the Liz Earle mascara base is soooo good. It's one of my favourite new products of the year.


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