Tangle Teezer

Firstly, I've no idea why the post under this is the Bliss shower gel one that I wrote a year ago. Baffling!

Anyway, tangly hair, we've all been there. Mine's been terrible lately so I invested in one of these (in pink naturally) and it's miraculous. If you have tangly hair, get this immediately. I got mine from Look Fantastic but I've seen them in loads of places.

I've also had a bit of a radical haircut. I got heartily sick of the same cut so I've had inches cut off, layers put in and red bit. Oooooh. It's quite exciting. I might need new products to maintain...


LOVE this little thing so much :) xoxo
Wow! How does it work? IT looks quirky

--CUTE-- colour!!

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Cover Girl said…
It works like a brush except no tangles, it slides through your hair!

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