Lancome primer

A friend told me I had to buy a new miracle product from Lancome.  I quote: "it literally fills in wrinkles and lines on your face."

Hot-footed it I did to the nearest Lancome counter where I managed to buy the wrong product. She was talking about this:
But I managed to buy this. This is because the woman on the Lancome counter was hopeless. Now I hear Lancome are in a bit of trouble and if their staff don't know the products, then I am not surprised.

Anyway, I've been using what I bought because hey, a primer is always useful and I'm not about to waste £25.  It's very much like the Smashbox primer I got last year but not as plasticky. It's pretty good and nice with my new Bobbi Brown foundation over the top (yes, I bought it, nobody is surprised are they?) However, I wouldn't say it's a 'must-have'.

However, I am loving my Bobbi Brown. I went back and bought everything else from my recent makeover. The blusher is great but the foundation is a revelation. It glides on, you hardly need any and it smells truly lovely. The mascara is the only meh product. It's not rocking my world.


Anonymous said…
nice idea.. thanks for sharing...
Anonymous said…
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