An update

I wanted to update you on a few things, none of which warrant an individual post.

First up, you may remember I wanted to try the new MAC moisture gel. At the airport last week, I had some time to kill and there it was. At £20 I figured, why not? It's nice and very light, this is not for winter time. It's actually a good holiday moisturiser when you've put on loads of sun cream and need something light after your evening ablutions. No SPF. This would be great on teenage skin I am sure but it's a little bit too light for my ravaged face!

I am sure you've all been on the edge of your seat awaiting a status update on my Shellac nails. It's good news my friends! We are eight days in and not a single chip and the nails are still super-shiny. I'm a bit fascinated by this, how can it be possible? My only complaint is I've knocked a few nails on something white as they have very tiny white marks on them - this is my fault however. ETA: I just used nail varnish remover to get the white marks off and it worked! I shall be doing this for any future holidays as it's great to have your nails done and that to be that. I won't be doing them regularly though as I don't like committing to a colour for so long, I'm already a bit bored with this red. Nonetheless, recommended highly.

A Brazilian Blow Dry update. It's been three months since I had the treatment and it has pretty much worn off now. My hair was much easier to style and generally looked better every day than when I don't have it done. This is not a life-changing treatment but I think it's worth having. So much so that I've booked it again through Wahenda. I wouldn't spend over £200 on it but then you never need to with these offers.


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