Aveda Air Control

I wrote about this when I blogged about my New York awesome blow dry. At the time, I didn't buy a large can due to a misguided attempt to be frugal. I had hoped Santa might pop some in my stocking but that didn't happen (although I am not complaining, I did very well!)

I do like the post-Christmas shop when you can go and buy the things on your wishlist that you didn't get. So far I have ordered the River Cottage veg cookbook and bought a can of this. And I got 10% off it at the mothership Peter Jones so it was worth the wait.

I adore this hairspray and urge you all to go and buy some. It's fantastic and smells delicious. It gives hold without any sticky, weighing down, plastic feel. I can't imagine anyone not getting on with it. It's my first recommendation of 2012 folks!

Happy new year and thank you for reading and commenting. Let's make 2012 count my friends and we'll wear Chanel lipstick as we do it.


David said…
I used to LOOOVEE this stuff when I worked at Aveda. The smell and dry texture were my favorite things about it. Now I have to watch my pennies so I stick with Joico stuff but Air Control is still awesome

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