New nail varnish

Lately I have become obsessed with orange-coloured things. For example, I just bought an orange skirt. And a new orange skirt requires some new nail varnish, I think you'll all agree.

I was in Selfridges yesterday looking at their Opi colours but having just got the skirt, couldn't persuade myself to buy any. Of course by the time I had come home, I was convinced my life would not be complete without some Cajun Shrimp.

Then while I was browsing online (having put the shrimp in my basket), my eye was caught by Conga-line Coral.

And then I saw Red Hot Ayers Rock which was in the sale so I had to have it.

Colours of nail varnish online are hopeless. None of these look particularly orange but the first two definitely are. The last one is more red but I couldn't resist it.

I shall be watching my letterbox eagerly and reporting back.


Conga line Coral is beeeeautiful!


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