One of the most famous perfumes

I am talking about Joy by Jean Patou. A perfume that used to be the most expensive in the world. I am sure something has usurped it. Maybe Intimately Beckham?

Anyway The Book gives it five stars and describes it as symphonic floral. The time had come for me to properly sample it. Thanks to Perfumed Court - a nice little US site where you can buy samples of perfume instead of shelling out on a whole bottle - I finally had some in my sweaty mitts this weekend. Obviously I didn't pay US P&P for one teeny sample but I'll tell you about the others another day. Suffice to say I am chanelling 1987 and 1993 respectively.

So what's Joy like? It's certainly floral. Boy or boy. It's like an explosion of flowers on your wrist. It smells like every very expensive hotel lobby in the world. I never knew that Joy is what I was smelling. Because you know, I frequent 5 star hotels all the time...

Do I like it? Ummmmm. I appreciate it as being a lovely fragrance but it smells like stuck up women who shop at Harrods. I don't like the associations. It's definitely a perfume for the older woman and I am not in that category. Yet.


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