It's taken me a long time to post about nails. Not sure why. Anyone who knows anything about me knows how much I love nail polish. It's always been this way. I used to bite my nails terribly when I was a kid. What made me stop was wanting to paint them. So when I finally achieved the impossible, I became somewhat obsessed with nail varnish and to this day, the fascination continues.

I think it's because no matter what kind of fugly day you are having, you can always paint your nails (toes or fingers) and it makes you feel better. So, I have an enormous nail varnish collection despite a huge throw out a few years ago. Wasn't sure I still needed that No7 pinkydink from 1987. It did inspire an online name for me though.

The irony is that I no longer use them. I am fortunate enough to work at a very forward thinking office where they have a manicurist in once a week. And I go and see her and get my nails done every Monday. Darling, the decadence! I know. But she is so good. Before Karen, I never really did deep shades because I am so particular and despite being good at applying varnish, I think you need to be professional to apply the darks. She does them perfectly. I am typing this with Damsel in a Dress on my nails. (a gorgeous purple). If you also work at a forward thinking workplace in London, check out her site. And persuade your company to look after their people.

So I don't buy nail varnish much these days but I like to dabble. I can't resist! And what's the best brand these days? Essie. Hands down (no pun intended). The best colours, the best names (a job I've always wanted - nail varnish namer) and the most staying power.

My current faves: berry hard (gorgeous deep red), Damsel in a Dress (see above) and Wicked (an even deeper black/red).

Always use a base coat and a top coat. Makes all the difference.


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