Jo Loves

Jo Loves is by Jo Malone. I decided to treat myself after numerous hints for my birthday didn't work. I read about this Graffiti body spray in a magazine and knew I had to try it.

Because I love Grapefruit scented products, I chose that one but it comes in other flavours although the thought of Tuberose or Fig makes me want to heave but whatever floats your boat.

I love this, it's been perfect for this long hot summer and the scent lasts really well. It cools you down as well. I've not used a body spray since my teenage days of Impulse and I'd forgotten how nice they can be for a subtle, all-over saturation of very light fragrance. I can't see me using this in the deep and dark days of winter but for summer and holidays, it's lovely.

I also bought a fragrance paint brush.

I chose White Roses and Lemon Leaves which was nice enough but a bit of an obvious scent to my nose (I ordered these online). I love the portability of this, I took it into work and brushed it on my wrists. I like that you are not obviously applying perfume and choking people around you with a spray.

However, after a week, it stopped working. No more gel was coming out of the brush. I clicked away but to no avail. The customer service was interesting. I sent an email explaining the problem. I got an answer back quickly that I needed to shake it vigorously. I did this, nope, didn't work. I emailed back and explained this. I was told that I needed to pack it up sturdily and they'd send a driver to pick it up on a day I chose. I did all this and driver duly turned up. I then received an email saying, yes it is broken, would I like a new one or a refund? No apology and I didn't like the implication that somehow I had been lying until they had tested it. I asked for a refund because by the point I was annoyed and I wasn't massively into the smell anyway.

Jo Loves is a top-end and luxury retailer. They should have immediately sent me another one when I sent my first email. This is clearly a known problem. It's very disappointing.


Jenni said…
That is disappointing, but just not surprising. I've observed over the last 3 years ago a serious decline in service, whether high street or online, of the higher-end brands. I don't know if it's because online has made us faceless customers, or the decline in high street has made the service industry hate us as consumers, or both. For example, Sarah Raven (not beauty, but expensive garden stuff). I have bought two large consignments in the last 3 months, and a significant item from each parcel has been missing. Ticked on the packing list, but missing. And I have had to go through the Spanish Inquisition, with video and photo proof, to show that I'm not lying, and there is a systemic problem with their packing department. And still no apology for the error, or the hours in my life I'll never get back getting them to rectify their mistake. Jo Malone, I was bought a large perfume from duty free in August, spray stopped working on 5th September (first day back at school, so memorable), it took a very strongly worded letter to head office to get the local branch to exchange for a new one. The only large brand I still get excellent customer service from is John Lewis. They still get how important it is, that when you spend a large amount of money with them, you also like to be treated like an honest human being who is dealing in good faith. End of rant. xxx
Cover Girl said…
It put me off Jo Loves so their loss. xxx

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