Bases for Spring

Somehow I never have enough foundation or bases. I have two new finds to report.

First up, Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

I've wanted to try this for ages. People rave about it. Armani is not in every department shop I discovered as I hiked from Liberty all the way up to Selfridges trying to find it. Excellent shop assistants who gave me two generous samples because I wan't sure what colour I was. I used it all week (it was a big sample) and decided to buy it. I love this, it's very easy to blend and looks completely natural.

Then I decided I simply had to try the new BIY (Blend it Yourself) Pigment Drops from Clinique.

You mix this with your moisturiser, 1, 2 or 3 drops depending on how much coverage you want. I bought some at the airport earlier this week and used it in Dallas. It was hot in Dallas, I didn't want anything too heavy. I like this very much. It's perfect for days when you want a little coverage but not much (one drop). I've not tried three drops yet!

While I was at the Clinique counter, I picked up this Pep-Start moisturiser.

A trusted friend told me this made her look instantly younger. Obviously I had to check it out. It is great for summer as it mattifies and does somehow smooth your skin. It doesn't feel terribly moisturising to me. I put some on and then 10 mins later mixed it with the BIY and put another layer on. If you have less dry skin, you will love this.

Both of these are really good. I gave up on the Hourglass Foundation Stick. I simply found it too drying so I sold it. It goes to show I can't agree with Sali Hughes on everything.


Jenni said…
Hmmmmnn, BIY looks interesting. I am way more focused on skin care at the moment than makeup (gasp, gosh, horror), and am liking the results. A choice of 3 different acid toners in the morning, after I've cleansed using BB cleansing oil. Then a serum followed by SPF 50 face base (again BB). And in the evening, same routine, but instead of serum, using Differin (which our lovely mutual friend in NYC brought for me), which is showing real results after the first 4 weeks. If this carries on I may stick with only tinted moisturiser for good! Erm.... Nahhhhhhhh! xxx
Cover Girl said…
Do you put SPF 50 on in the evening?!

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