M&S Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream

My resolution was going so well. I have been to Terminal 5 twice since I wrote it and bought nothing. I managed a trip to New York and stuck to it. What has broken me? Marks & Spencer, that's what!

I can hardly believe it either. India Knight wrote about how wondrous this night cream is. I resisted for three whole weeks (it was sold out, it was easy to resist) and then I thought, no, I have to try it.  Let me outline my defence: I had no other night creams, only night oils. A vital difference I think we can all agree? It's £22. It's not exactly breaking the bank now is it? I haven't broken my resolution anywhere else and I now consider myself back on the wagon.

Having got that out of the way, let's discuss this. It's a rich cream, feels lovely, sinks in well. It's good but I don't think it's ground breaking. It's very nice, it's an excellent price and I do love a rich cream. If your skin is on the oilier side, I don't think you'll get on with it. I am not sure I'd buy it again, it's not as good as my beloved L'Oreal cream. It's sold out again now but I've seen it in store.

Today I went to the Kings Road, mooched around Peter Jones beauty hall, visited Space NK and walked past MAC. I remained strong and resolute. I bought nothing. Not even the Diptique special edition candle which is oh so pretty. I am very proud of myself.


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