Sarah Chapman facial

I am very grateful that I work with some beauty obsessives. One of them is getting married next year and decided she needed to splash out on some serious facials. Research was undertaken and Sarah Chapman was chosen. She came back from her first visit glowing. Her skin looked amazing. Smooth and gently pink.

At the same time, my boss, decided to gift me a Sarah Chapman facial. I decided not to dig too deeply into her reasoning (did my skin look bad? was I that tired looking?) and accepted the gift with much thanks.

Then I went to Chicago for work and had to fly home a day early. We won't linger too long on the details (a poorly husband, premium economy instead of business, snowstorms, delays, security from hell, no sleep). My facial was booked in for a day after this trauma and I felt every second of my age as I trudged off to Sloane Square, where the salon is.

The moment I walked in, life got better. This is a seriously swish salon. The therapist tucked me into a heated bed and got to work. There was no annoying chat. She just started applying who knows what to my face. Everything smelt divine. She extracted with ruthless efficiency. There was lots of pummelling and massage. Then there was an LED light for ten minutes. The 90 minutes flew by and I honestly could have just stayed the night there in a blissed out sleep. Alas, I had to get up and sit on the district line.

This is a facial for people who are very serious about their facials. It's very expensive (£170) and it feels vaguely medicinal. My skin has never looked better. I spent the next day just looking at myself in the mirror and stroking my smooth skin. I dream about a life where this facial happens for me once a month. But at £170 I couldn't possibly justify it!

If you're looking for a treat, if you know someone generous enough to gift you this for Christmas, if you are getting married or if you're just jet-lagged, exhausted, stressed and currently without a kitchen (all true for me) then I highly recommend this.

In the meantime, there is an overnight facial that Sarah makes that is raved about.

It's £46 but there is 15% off here today. I am seriously tempted.


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