Sephora Jumbo Liner

I've seriously not bought anything for ages* since my commitment to use what I have. This little purchase happened before Christmas. I won't go on and on about Sephora anymore, I am becoming such a bore on the matter but god, it's amazing.

Anyway, Sephora has its own make-up line and while not cheap, it feels budget compared to Nars. These jumbo eyeliners have a lot of love online so I decided I'd buy one for $14 and I must say, I am loving it. They don't have quite the staying power of Bobbi Brown or Nars but with some good primer on, they get me through a normal working day. There are dozens of colours too. Recommended if you can get to a Sephora of course. Will it ever return to UK shores?

*with the exception of essentials. I may have bought a new mascara today and some eye-make up remover...


Jenni said…
I'm interested to know your thoughts on what eye liner La Backham is wearing here:
Bobbi Brown or Urban Decay?! xxx
Cover Girl said…
*ahem*. It's Charlotte Tilbury's make-up however the look can be recreated using Smashbox. Details here:

It's very pretty and surprisingly close to my Sephora chunky eyeliner funnily enough! x
Jenni said…
Ah now you see, I think they fib. Yes, there's a brown liner on, but it's the plum/damson-ey colour I'm interested in, yet it doesn't list it. She's definitely wearing a more purple colour than brown. So disappointed when they don't spill xxxx

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