Sun protection

I've just returned from a blissful week in Spain. I went on a health and well being retreat and it was heavenly. Healthy food, plenty of exercise and sun bathing by the pool. What's not to love? It was hot of course since I was in Spain. I didn't get a single burn anywhere which is rare, usually I manage to miss a spot somewhere and burn something. I put it down to this.

It's sun protection that you spray on and doesn't need rubbing in, just spray it all over and away you go. Great for your back too which can be hard to get to.  You need to reapply it more than you would a lotion that you rub in but I love it and it's not sticky at all. For my face I used this.

Trusty Bobbi Brown Factor 50. Don't go any lower on your face, sun damage cannot be undone. Use a fake tan so you don't have a ghost face compared to your body!

Post sunbathing, I bought this at the airport.

This is fantastic, no greasiness at all so you can put your clothes on immediately, I do hate waiting around for lotions to sink in. It is deeply moisturising and my tan is still looking shiny instead of fading as it so often does in the face of English gloom. My mother used to say she could feel her tan fading on the airplane!

It is beautifully sunny and warm as I type this so I shall be enjoying the novelty of having to apply sunscreen to my body in England. Long may it last!


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