Revisiting Clinique

It's years since I paid any real attention to Clinique. When I was in my 20s, I loved it and thought it was the pinnacle of sophistication. I did the 3-step skincare thing until I realised the toner was like paint stripper and the cleanser didn't really cleanse so much as scrub. I moved on to Clarins in my 30s, deciding Clinique was a little passe and a bit, well, young. In my 40s I try everything in an attempt to halt middle-age but that's another story.

Word on the street gathered about the new CC cream. BB - whatevs. I am over it. But several people I trust told me the CC cream was worth a look. And so it came to pass today, I finally spent a bit of time at a Clinique counter and drew comfort in the knowledge that some things never change. One being that Clinique sales assistants always wear too much, badly applied make-up. It's so off-putting. I soldiered on however and decided that the CC cream was worth £28 of my hard-earned pennies.

I am posting this hot off the press so I shall report back with my verdict. If you are wondering what on earth a CC cream is and why it is different to a BB cream, the information on their website is helpful. Lightweight and naturally radiant. Who doesn't want that?

While there, it would have been rude not to investigate further (plus there was a free gift with two purchases) so I picked up a Chubby Stick for the eyes in Mighty Moss. I couldn't resist.

I didn't need it as you all know but well, the colour is lovely. And I also picked up the superbalm for lips because 20 lip balms are not enough.

For my troubles, they rewarded me with a very nice free gift.

I exited Peter Jones very happy. People still buy their Dramatically Different Moisturiser. I find it astonishing. Who are you? Tell me if you buy it and like it, I am interested.


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