More bubble bath

It must be winter as I am posting about bubble baths. Twice in one week! Winter and a rather intense work week = lots of bubble baths.

So, this is my absolute favourite bubble bath of all time. Yes. I am making a strong claim for Best for this. It's amazing. Olivina bubble baths. It comes in three flavours: Lavender (divine), Olive (fresh and green - yummy) and Fig (FIG! Need I say more?) It has no nasties in it. It's a pretty bottle and not made of glass (always annoys me). It's total heaven and if you've not tried it, add it to your Christmas wish list. I've just ordered two bottles as they had free shipping on at

No, it's not cheap. Sorry. But it lasts for a long time unless you are married to someone who is also a bit partial.


Anonymous said…
Fig bubble bath?


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