Where have I been?

Or put another way, where has the last month gone? I have been in Hong Kong for 10 days working. Very little Cover Girl news to report from there except I did have an amazing pedicure where my feet were buffed with an electric thingy. They were like baby feet afterwards. I bought some more Mitsouko perfume at the airport as I do adore it. It's the perfect perfume for when you don't know which one to put on.

Then last week I went to Rome for work. Even less beauty news to report from there but my little Dermalogica SPF30 moisturiser I was given on the HK flight (business class darling, the only way to travel!) came in useful.

My time is also taken up with planning my wedding. Yes, I am getting married. Well, why not? A new dress and shoes, hair being played with, wedding make-up, dancing. What's not to like?

My fabulous friend Hayley recommended Bio Oil to me the other week. So today I finally purchased some. I will report back on what I think. She says to mix it with your moisturiser for extra oomph and says it's marvellous for your decolletage.


Anonymous said…
Oh, now there's an idea. I have some which someone gave me for stretchmarks when I was pregnant, but it's done all it's going to do for the stretchmarks and I have some left.

What do you think of the smell? It's very love or hate, I think.
Cover Girl said…
I quite liked the smell!
Yes, I found it in the first aid aisle, where it was hanging in front of my eyes, telling me how it will even out my over exposed, sun damaged, camouflaged face spots.

I like it just as much to the tops of my burnt through the windshield hands.

And yes, the scent is bit baby powder fresh but, it does fade.


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