Things I want but didn't realise it until today

I have a confession to make. On Saturdays I buy The Daily Telegraph. Not for the news, not for the right-wing polemic, not even for the fashion. No, I buy it for the cryptic crossword. All that paper (and there are loads of sections) just for one little crossword. Why don't I do it online? Because I like to hold a folded up newspaper when I do a crossword. I'm old-fashioned like that.

What has this to do with beauty? Well, I always read the magazine that comes with it. The first 6 pages or so are good. Mary Portas critiques a shop (surely a job that, by rights, should be mine?) and they have a Fashion & Beauty page. And to this I turned in my bath earlier to be confronted with two things I need.

First up, Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. Described thus by the reviewer: "One of the hardest working masks I have used, this is rich in vitamin C and lightens, brightens and tightens skin after one application." Yup, I need it.

Then I read this... Givenchy Printed Lip Pens. "The perfect lip-dressing if you like statement colour without stand-out shine or sense of 'load' that lipstick can give." Got to love how beauty editors write haven't you? Oh, my lipstick is so loaded, what to do?! Anyway, I am intrigued and although my Chanel lipstick is still delivering the goods, I like to be alert for any must-have trends.

And now I don't feel so bad buying the Telegraph since I've shared this wisdom with you all as well.


Jinx said…
I wish I could do cryptic crosswords, I just cannot "get" them. Quick crosswords I love.
I also love lip pens, I have some but they aren't givenchy!
Just when I'd nearly convinced myself that I didn't 'need'a Givenchy lip pen I read about it again! Oh dear...

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