The nights are drawing in...

I quite like this time of year. I know the getting dark at 4pm is fairly grim but let's look on the bright side, you can get away with shaving your legs once a week or less. You don't have to have pedicured toes all the time (although I do because it makes me feel less depressed about winter).

And you can have more baths. At this time of year I crave comforting scents and I am currently loving good old Dove bubble bath. It smells like Granny should smell and I like it. And it's cheap too which is a bonus.

Lush has also come up with some lovely A/W ballistics. They call it the Christmas range but I prefer my title. I've had a So White and it was gorgeous. It creates a snowy froth on the top of your bath. And I have a Cinders ready to use but am put off by reports that it stains the bath. Cleaning the bath after you've got out of it is no fun.

And I am loving Moringa bubble bath by The Body Shop. It's a pretty floral and nice for when you've had a tough day at work and just want to feel girlie.

Talking of The Body Shop, they've totally copied Lush and have a Retro thing going on. They've brought back some old favourites! I bought some of the Passionfruit Cleanser because I used to love it. I can report it still smells exactly the same and is a very good cleanser. Only £3.99. Bargain. They also have the banana shampoo which I also used to love. Find out more here.


georgiexoxo said…
I can't believe I haven't tried any LUSH Christmas things. First year I haven't even looked! Snow White sounds tempting.

HedgeWytch said…
Yup, I can confirm that Cinders is a bath stainer. Which is a pity because it smelled lovely!
Jinx said…
Cinders is a bit of a stainer. It stained me! I had a yellow tide-line across my stomach. Sexy. Lovely scent though... I shall have to try So White, I like a bit of froth. I had high hopes for TBS vanilla & nutmeg range, but try as I might, I couldn't whiff any nutmeg at all.
Cover Girl said…
I loathe vanilla flavoured bathing!

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