The St Tropez holiday shop

Alright, let's get one thing straight first. I am not actually going to St Tropez but I will be near it and I plan to visit it and it sounds so delightfully decadent and cool.

I started my toiletries shop early because I am excited and it's fun. I might need extra baggage allowance for my toiletries alone. I placed an order with hqhair. A dangerous site if you have a weakness for fab products.

I ordered Dermalogica super sensitive sun block. Anyone who doesn't put sun block on their face in the south of France is insane and asking for wrinkles. I've not used this before but now I am pushing 40, I think I need something a little more serious than No7.

I also got Mario Badescu summer shine lotion. This looks cheap compared to the Dermalogica products! It's just arrived and I can report that it smells delicious. I can only describe it as smelling of summer. And it's very subtle - no OTT glitter. I think this is going to be a winner. I firmly believe everyone's legs need a little help in the shimmer department.

And I got two Korres shower gels. Basil & Lime and Fig. Yummy. If you've not tried these, they are great and are very good value I think.

So that was my HQ shop. I also zipped into Selfridges yesterday and got waylaid by the nail varnish. Because, you know, I don't have enough of that. I bought Blue My Mind by OPI and a little packet of 4 in mini sizes - one is called flamingo pink and so clearly I had to have that. My toes will be deep blue on holiday.

I have stocked up on the VO5 shampoo and conditioner that I recommended earlier this week. 2 for 1 at Boots.

And I popped into Superdrug and got some Jergen body lotion. And they had a special offer on the Olay products - the one that odious Fiona Phillips is advertising. I got the aqua physics night cream. I think this wins as the stupidest name for skincare ever. Anyway, it was only £4.95 so I figured I'd give it a whirl.

So that's what I have bought so far. Don't have the body sun protection yet - am still scouting the options. What do you mean just buy Nivea? Where's the fun in that?

I have also booked in a range of treatments before I hit France. I swear it's expensive looking as fabulous as me. I shall post more about them soon.


Foreigner said…
I hope you review the Dermalogica sun block, I use a fair bit of their stuff and often wondered if this was worth the extra pennies.

I mightily approve of the blue toes for holiday.

I think Korres gels are such good value because they are so thick and lather up so well.

Excellent purchases there, as always CG!
Cover Girl said…
Thanks! I am currently obsessed with blue nail varnish.

Will review the sun block just for you.
Foreigner said…
Oh CG, with these reviews you are really spoiling, erm, me! :-D

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