Having an Urban Decay moment

Having had such success with their eye primer, I decided to give some Urban Decay eyeliners a spin. I bought two yesterday. Covet (a peacock green) and Dime (a shimmery silver). I am thinking I can wear them both together to complete the clown look.

I was planning to wear one or both today but I have a cold so am skipping make up for the day. However, early signs of putting the testers on the back of my hand bodes well. They are very soft and long lasting - I had to scrub with soap to remove it.

Having looked at the site, I also want Ransom and Stash. I am of the belief that you can never have too much eyeliner in your life.


Claretta said…
I bought a lovely dark blue 'binge' I think it's called - am liking it so much I'm thinking of investing in a few more.

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