Spring has sprung...

... and I am embracing colour. I recently bought red shoes, a green mac and a cardigan of many colours. And beauty wise, today I chose Essie bachelorette bash for my nails. Which, by the way, look great next to the green mac. It's a hot pink.

I love this time of year with fresh new colours and I am feeling like I never want to wear black again. Obviously I will because I cannot live completely without black.

I now want some really vibrant eyeliner. Any suggestions?


Vickie said…
I take it you've tried MAC? Do you want liquid or kohl? B Never do bright colours too, though I don't think the quality is all that great.
Cover Girl said…
I bought two eyeliners yesterday from Urban Decay! Yes, I have several MAC eyeliners - like them but don't love them. Thanks.

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