Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Christmas Haul

Don't you love it when your friends and family know you so well?

My beauty haul was excellent this Christmas. Lovely sister got me some Red Roses Jo Malone bath oil and a Clinque eye cream (anyone would think she read this blog).

Santa bought me a whole raft of Bliss products which are divine. And I got some fab soap and some bath 'tea bags'. Which are a lot more special than they sound.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mini Bourjois

Have you seen this? I mean, have you ever seen anything so cute? I was in Superdrug today (ace shop by the way - much more fun than Boots) and my eye was caught by the mini Bourjois range. Clearly aimed at teenagers but adorable packaging. And they make things you can hang off your mobile phone. So needless, so gorgeous.

I bought lots of things as they had a 3 for 2. Whatsmore none of it was for me. How restrained am I? It was all for CoverBoy's nieces. I don't think there is any present shopping more fun than for 14-16 year old girls.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

My Christmas wish list

You just never know who is reading! Three posts in one day? I know, I am back!

This is what I would like to see in my stocking (in fantasy world, not the real world since I know most people have got my presents and CoverBoy is not allowed to buy me anything as we have got a new TV).

Disclaimer out of the way, here goes:

Ren Rose Bath Oil (as previously raved about on here)
Ren Rose Shower Gel (ditto)
Essie nail varnish - because the colours are fabulous and they stay on for 5 days without chipping
Lush bath products that don't have bits in (and that includes glitter)
Body cream from Jo Malone - have you seen it? Oh my.
A selection of Nars multiple sticks to suit my mood
The entire Nars eye shadow collection (hey, it's a fantasy)
A year's supply of monthly facials at Elemis!

I could probably think of more and may be back to post about them.

Dove Pro-Age Beauty Cream

How did it come to this? Suddenly anti-ageing products for the body look appealing. Oh dear. I am the wrong side of 30. As regular readers know, I do like body lotion. And in this cold weather, it's even more important as I resemble a raisin rather than a grape.

So I got a sample of this with a magazine - a good little tub size. And I used it. And the advertising worked because I went and bought some. The verdict? It's very soothing after a bath and it does feel like it is bringing your skin back to life. It's a bit much for the morning but lovely when you are going to put your PJs on. The scent is a little grandma but I can live with it. Overall, I rate it and it has a bit more welly to it and if you can't escape to the tropics for the winter months then this is a good budget buy.

Quick Eyes

I have a new eye make-up love! Clinique Quick Eyes. They are cream eye shadows that come in a tube and you put them on with your finger. They rock.

I went shopping with my friend last weekend (I do have more than one friend) and we stopped by the Clinique counter. Before we could say a word, she was having a makeover. And the OFL used these and they are amazing. So I bought one in Muffin (!) It glides on and stays on ALL DAY. No smudging. Nothing.

I want more now. They had one called rock violet (great name). And one called Truffle (always a great name). £12.


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