Dove Pro-Age Beauty Cream

How did it come to this? Suddenly anti-ageing products for the body look appealing. Oh dear. I am the wrong side of 30. As regular readers know, I do like body lotion. And in this cold weather, it's even more important as I resemble a raisin rather than a grape.

So I got a sample of this with a magazine - a good little tub size. And I used it. And the advertising worked because I went and bought some. The verdict? It's very soothing after a bath and it does feel like it is bringing your skin back to life. It's a bit much for the morning but lovely when you are going to put your PJs on. The scent is a little grandma but I can live with it. Overall, I rate it and it has a bit more welly to it and if you can't escape to the tropics for the winter months then this is a good budget buy.


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