Eyelash serums and other excitement

It's been a while hasn't it? I'd like to say it's because I have found all my desert island products and have nothing new to share but that would be a lie. I continue to shop more than I should and I fail to resist on most occasions. 

I thought I'd tell you about the latest discoveries.

First up is the miracle that is Revitalash.

My beautician told me that this worked and I trust her implicitly. Plus she said it as she fluttered her very long eyelashes at me. I got mine from Cult Beauty, if you wait a while, they have 15-20% off everything and at this price, that is worth it. You have to apply it daily. It doesn't hurt at all. And you have to be patient for about 5-6 weeks. However, suddenly, out of nowhere, your eyelashes are like Bambi's. I am entranced by this and find myself wondering why everyone isn't using it? I do understand there is a cost of living crisis so maybe not everyone but anyone who hankers after longer lashes and spends money on endless mascaras. STOP RIGHT NOW. Get this. I waited for my lashes to emerge and then booked a lash lift and eyelash tint with my beautician. I then had to stop looking in mirrors. It wasn't in vanity, it was in astonishment.

Cirque nail varnish.

A hangover from the pandemic is my renewed obsession with nail polish. I follow some fascinating Instagram accounts. People spend their lives swatching every single new nail colour and it's deeply soothing. I saw this and had to have it. A neon orange is like a siren call to me. It's only available from the US.  I ordered this and a couple of others (after all, one has to justify shipping costs) and it arrived and was everything I dreamed of. I've worn it pretty much non-stop. I then ordered the entire Vice Collection (they had 20% off) and they are all neon-tastic joys but this is the best. Bad news: it's sold out. I now have two of this one (Vice) and I am already feeling the pain when I've used it up but that day is long into the future although the bottles are not very big. It applies like a dream. Even the most cack handed could do a professional job. I adore it. I am sporting the blue on my toes: also gorgeous.

Victoria Beckham Beauty

I'm sorry, Victoria Beckham Beauty is excellent. I don't want it to be any more than you probably do. But it started with her Estee Lauder co lab and it continues. I've not gone near the skincare as it's too expensive to start liking and I still love Beauty Pie. But this Satin Kajal liner in Olive is beautiful. I resisted for months but caved as I knew I would. 

I also bought the Reflect Highlighter stick.

This is perfection. It glides on, stays put and makes you look better. What more could you want?

I use it with this bronzer: Solar Paint from Glossier.

Together, they are all you need when the weather is warm. I'm not one for bronzer but this one is so nice. The perfect texture and easy to blend.

Finally, for now, I decided that I needed a solid perfume to take on holiday with me so I can take carry on luggage and not compromise with my toiletries. 

Of course I went to Diptyque for such precise needs. I had a sample of Eau Capitale so I knew I liked it. It's a chypre which is always my favourite and it's a perfect summer scent. The packaging on this is so addictive. I find myself playing around with it, opening and closing it, holding it in my hand. It's like worry beads for the perfume-obsessed. 

If you are still checking in and reading, I thank you. Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Foundation round up

I'm on a roll with the posts today. 

I wore a lot of make up (for me) during lockdown. I was bored and on so many zoom calls that I just embraced the make up. Also, my study is also my dressing room and make up boudoir so it was all there while I worked. Many a call where I multi-tasked and then switched my camera on. All this to say, I road tested some foundations.

This, from IT Cosmetics, is one of the best foundations I've ever tried. It really is your skin, but better. Smoothed out, filled in, glowed up. It's quite thick and you don't need much but I wouldn't describe it as heavy. It's more of an autumn/winter base (so I am telling you about it in June!) but I really love it. It blends well, it behaves and doesn't pill up (my pet peeve) and it's easy peasy to work with. You can invest in a travel size to see if you like it before sizing up. That's what I did because often I like a foundation to begin with and then fall out of love with it for various reasons.

Having discovered this and Mac Face and Body Foundation, I am officially stating, for the record, that I don't need any other foundations in my life. 

Ignore the 'body' part of this. It's a very light base that you can layer up as much as you feel you want and need to. It's very runny and it's a great base for people who don't like foundations much. It's a massive bargain as you get a bucket load of it. It's perfect for summer make up.

Foot masks


While I'm here, I also want to recommend these. £1.99! Who even am I? 

I love a foot mask but not exfoliating ones which I find disgusting. I prefer to buff my feet first, have a bath and use a foot scrub, then apply these and watch some quality TV for half an hour. They soak into your feet and feel deliciously squidgy. They come in loads of flavours. Tea tree and peppermint is great in the summer, as is coconut because everything must smell of coconut in the summer. 

When I remove them I then add a pair of socks to soak up the remaining balm. Feet emerge baby soft but only if you buff first otherwise this would be a waste of time.

I really like this scrub which I was given as a present from a friend and bought again when it ran out. 

It's £15 but lasts for ages, you don't need much. It does require you to rinse your bath afterwards though!

Eye primer


Hello! I hope anyone who still reads this is well (and thank you if you do). I can't believe my last post was September. I've been using all sorts of beauty products that I've not shared with you all. However, I am a bit Beauty Pie biased these days. It covers skincare very well although I'm not a fan of the SPF range.

Anyway, today I am here to tell you this eye primer is £6 and is The Business. I bought it because my beloved Nars one has been out of stock for ages and I was getting a little desperate. I used it, not expecting much. And oh my, it's magical. My eyeliner remained in place for 12 hours as fresh as the moment it was applied. What a bargain!



September 2020. Not much happened this year eh? An average year we're unlikely to remember when we look back.

I can't believe I last posted in December back when life was normal. I didn't mean to not post, it's not like I've been jetting around and too busy. I've barely left the house all year. My cupboards are a masterclass in organisation, my ironing is up to date, the house has never been cleaner. I've also been keenly into my products what with there being not much else to do while sitting on endless work conference calls.

I shall endeavour to post a little more but today I wanted to discuss Olaplex. Lockdown came, my hair and I came to an agreement. I would look after it as best I could until we could see a professional and in return, it would grow like crazy. Of all the things I missed during lockdown, my hairdresser was top of my list. You can keep the bars, the restaurants and even the shops but MY GOD I MISSED MY HAIRDRESSER.

Anyway, I invested in Olaplex 3, 4 and 5 because my self-care during lockdown was buying everything online with the justification that I wasn't going out and therefore was Saving Money. You slap the 3 on damp hair and leave it and then wash out with 4 and condition with 5. This is a faff and I've managed step 3 about three times. But when I have used it, it's been great. But you can ignore step 3 and just buy 4 and 5. I use it once a week and my hair has never been so shiny and healthy. Importantly it's also been easier to style too. It's expensive (although deals can be found) but it lasts for ages. I'm on the same bottles and I bought it in April.

I have many other things to share too so watch this space. 

Chantecaille metallic eyeliner

I bought this last year on India Knight's recommendation. Mine is gold and they don't seem to have gold anymore which is a shame but there is a divine looking green. Anyway, it's perfect for sparkly festive eyes without looking like you've gone mad in the glitter pot.

It's elegant and very fine but you can build up to make it thicker. It's easy peasy to apply and if you get the silver, then I reckon, like the gold any mistakes are easily forgiven. It lasts for hours and hours. I layer it with black or dark brown eyeliner and lashings of mascara and it's party eyes in seconds.

It is expensive but it lasts for ages. That's my festive make-up tip for you.

Jo Malone for Zara

Did you hear? Jo Malone has created scents for Zara! Beside myself I am. I placed a Zara order this week (the kids clothes make incredible presents) and threw in a 40ml perfume in Vetiver Pampelmousse. I can never resist grapefruit.

It cost £15 and it arrived today. I sprayed it on at about 10.30am. It's now 9.20pm and I can still smell it. Actual Jo Malone perfumes don't last like that. I am very impressed. It smells gorgeous, the bottle is lovely. The packaging is nice but a bit over the top in these planet-watching times.

Run don't walk.

New bathroom #2

When you're a beauty obsessive, you need a good bathroom. I've been waiting to renovate our main bathroom for five long years. Finally, in October, it happened. Not without drama, we had leaks into the kitchen a fitter who had a heart attack, a basin with a hole in it (not where it was meant to be), and my normally stoic project manager was heard cursing and saying, what is it about THIS house?

An excellent question and I wish I knew. If something can go wrong, it will. Followed by 20 other things. But now I have my bathroom of heavenly delights. We ripped out the bath because after all, I have my bathing boudoir now. So, it's a shower room. It's really hard to plan a bathroom no matter how much you pore over Instagram and interiors blogs. I planned this all myself and am now considering a new career. But it took me months of looking at plans, researching shower trays, tiles, basin fittings etc. Basically I find myself with free evenings and at a loose end because this was what I did with 80% of my spare time.

The fun and reward is in the details. Picking out the bathmat (made.com) and the storage (controversially I have no cabinet, instead a vanity unit and two sleek black units I bought from amazon) and the plant.

And of course, the products! I didn't buy much at all (because, it may astound you to learn, I have quite a lot already) but I did get some new Function of beauty shampoo and conditioner. Why? Because you can choose the colour of course! I went with hot pink and it gives me joy to see those bottles. I was also gifted the delightful Ortiga shower gel which is a real treat.

I have one more bathroom to do. Again, I feel the need to explain I don't live in a mansion. The house is badly planned so there is a tiny ensuite shower room to the guest room. I've started a pinterest board because that 80% of time can't solely be filled with watching old episodes of The OC.

My Beauty Pie round-up

Before we start, I don't get any money from Beauty Pie and there are no affiliate posts to be seen here.

Now then, I love Beauty Pie. I joined very early on and have been happy with 90% of what I have bought. Here are some of my favourites.

I've talked about the serums before. The serums are worth the membership alone. At last, I am serum happy! I've tried all of them. None of them are bad, most of them are excellent. I am not a huge fan of the QI energy one but I still use it. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Uber Youth Super Serum. This is a great all-rounder and feels very moisturising.

I am a big fan of the Japanfusion cleanser, it's gentle and works a treat. I am a cleanser junkie. I have about five on the go at any one time but this remains a staple. I don't feel the other Beauty Pie cleansers are quite as good for me. I tried a few and didn't rebuy.

I am currently using the Dr Glycolic toner. I decided to stop my Zelens facial pads habit because they are expensive even with the discounts I always sought out. I like this, it does the job. I also love REN Ready Steady Glow and find a combination of these work (not at the same time! use on alternate days).

I just bought the Super Healthy skin moisturiser for the second time. It's a good basic day moisturiser and works as a base for make-up. Is it my perfect moisturiser? No because my perfect moisturisers are from Drunk Elephant and Sunday Riley and they are £££££. However, this is perfectly acceptable and good value and I am happy using it.

The Japanfusion Supreme cream is marvellous. This is an excellent night cream. One wakes up glowing. My only issue is it's often out of stock and is right now.

That's the face sorted, moving on to the body. This body cream is a miracle. Deeply moisturising yet non tacky. It smells great too. I raced through my tub and am tapping my foot impatiently because it's out of stock.

I can never resist a shower gel and although I did not need this, obviously I bought it. This is a downside of Beauty Pie, you think oh well, I'll just try it, I am paying for shipping anyway. Fortunately it's a delightful scent and a huge bottle.

The tanning mousse is better than any I have tried which isn't to say it's for everyone. It's not subtle but I don't mind that on my legs. I wouldn't use it everywhere. Also, buy a mitt and use that for seamless application.

I am much less into the make-up. However, the pro gel eyeliner is the best eyeliner ever. I say this with no hyperbole and vast experience. This stuff does not budge until you want it to. I adore it and have it in every shade. I've just noticed the green one seems to be removed which is devastating as it's my favourite colour and I am on my third one.

Finally, the perfume. One has fig in and I know people love fig but it makes me feel sick. I have the red apple, white peony and cashmere perfume and it's very sniffable. The bottle is nicely luxurious. It doesn't last very long but sometimes a pretty light fragrance is what you want. They've just introduced 15ml sample sprays which is good because 100ml is a big commitment and I often get bored about halfway through a bottle of perfume. I ordered the Love fragrance which is new and it's again, very inoffensive. I am glad I could get a much smaller bottle. I think these would make great Christmas presents. If you are a true perfume nerd, I would say there's not much to see here but that's fine. It's why we have Chanel and Guerlain.

The make-up brushes are very good too. I have tried foundation samples and I am not into them. The tinted moisturiser is ok but nothing special. The nail varnish is terrible. The candles are fine but I am a Diptyque girl. Lipsticks are again ok but not noteworthy. I've not investigated the haircare range because literally the last thing I need is more haircare.

To summarise, serum and eyeliners are truly excellent. There are also lots of very, very good products as listed above. A downside is that products are often out of stock which can be frustrating. The packaging is chic and looks pleasing in one's bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, I had mine renovated into a shower room of joy. I'll share photos in a future post but basically, I want to move in there.

Transforming winter skin

Hello there! I can't believe my last post was in August and tomorrow is December. I am still here, I am still beauty-obsessed but I've had some life matters going on.

Today I am here to talk about Ameliorate. A brand that is made for these dark winter days. I bought this body mitt and it's the best £6.65 I've spent for a while.

My body was getting a bit bumpy. I was without an exfoliating mitt for a few months and I really can't be bothered with scrubs having tried many over the years. They are such a faff. I realised I needed a good old fashioned slough down and ordered this. Now, you may be thinking one body mitt is the same as another body mitt. I respectfully disagree. Once you've tried this, you will throw anything else you use away. It's miraculous. My legs are now like silk and my shins are all shiny. 

Being me, I couldn't see the point of ordering just one thing from the Ameliorate site so I also ordered the Transforming Body Lotion.

These lactic acids body lotions are universally great. I have the REN one, the Clarins one and now this one. If you have any bumpy skin, it gets rid of them. I slathered this on after my slough down and then stood back and admired my smoothness. It absorbs really fast and smells nice without being overpowering but they do fragrance-free if you don't want scent.

There are great deals on at the moment because of Black Friday and I also received a free travel size body lotion. These two products have done exactly what they promise, they have transformed my body. They don't get rid of spare tyres and flabby bits sadly but they do make you feel better about them.

This is not an ad, I don't get paid for my posts and there are no affiliate links. As always, I simply post about what I like and use.

Clinique Moisture Surge Sheertint Hydrator

I can never resist a new base, especially one with hyaluronic acid which promises to keep my skin hydrated for 12 hours. Bring it on I say.

I purchased this a couple of weeks ago and it's very good. However, I personally need another moisturiser underneath but I am getting old and dried up as I speed towards my 50th birthday. Your mileage may vary. This gives you a magical glow, covers up any minor imperfections and has an SPF in it. It's not for you if you have any serious cover up needs, it's great if you have pretty good base skin already.

I am liking it a lot for this time of the year. It lasts well, doesn't feel heavy and instantly makes me look better. What more can we ask for?

Eyelash serums and other excitement

It's been a while hasn't it? I'd like to say it's because I have found all my desert island products and have nothing new to...