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  September 2020. Not much happened this year eh? An average year we're unlikely to remember when we look back. I can't believe I last posted in December back when life was normal. I didn't mean to not post, it's not like I've been jetting around and too busy. I've barely left the house all year. My cupboards are a masterclass in organisation, my ironing is up to date, the house has never been cleaner. I've also been keenly into my products what with there being not much else to do while sitting on endless work conference calls. I shall endeavour to post a little more but today I wanted to discuss Olaplex. Lockdown came, my hair and I came to an agreement. I would look after it as best I could until we could see a professional and in return, it would grow like crazy. Of all the things I missed during lockdown, my hairdresser was top of my list. You can keep the bars, the restaurants and even the shops but MY GOD I MISSED MY HAIRDRESSER. Anyway, I invested in

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